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The word ‘organic’ best describes LissA’s approach and ascent. The fast-rising singer-songwriter isn’t rigidly stuck to one sound. Instead, she pursues a multitude of different flavors that express the full range of her musical tastes.

You’re just as likely to hear LissA release one of her downtempo, beautifully fragile singles like “Zimt” or haunting  atmospheric songs like “Not” as you are to hear her collaborate with a world-famous dance  music  producer. 

She writes all her songs on her guitar, these creations later finding their best-fitting style and context without too 

much force.


Her hook-ups with Filous (“Feel Good Inc.”) and The Him (“I Wonder”) have shown her diverse nature and appeal and picked up over 45 million Spotify streams alone, putting her on the global music map in a big way.


With some seriously big name partnerships in the work, her voice will continue to reach an ever-wider audience.

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